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  • Dr. Weil helped me recover from a broken hand over the period of about 2-3 months. Over the course of my injury healing, I had several visits with him. Each experience with him went very well. As an anxious person who was very new to these experiences, Dr. Weil always made sure that he answered all ...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

  • Excellent surgeon. Repaired a Colles fracture of the wrist. 10 days after surgery he removed the splint and said wearing the brace was optional but better to wear it less. I feel this really was a help toward my recovery, in regaining flexibility and strength in my wrist. The entire experience w...

    ~ Lisa A ~

  • Dr. Weil corrected my de Quervain's Tenosynovitis with a little surgery. Everybody involved was wonderful. Great facility, staff, and doctors. Nice to no longer be in pain.

    ~ Verified Patient ~

  • My husband finally saw a specialist for his wrist. Turns out that he had a unusual fracture of a bone in the wrist. A fracture that no other provider found. Because the injury happened over 6 months prior- it was determined to be a non union fracture that required a complicated surgery. Dr Weil ...

    ~ Barbara B ~

  • Dr. Weil performed a carpal tunnel release (endoscopic) on my left hand earlier this month. The best surgery experience i have had in my 68 years, and I have had a number of orthopedic procedures. Last year I had an open release on my right hand with another doctor. Went well but with the open proce...

    ~ Guy M ~

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