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  • After dealing with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome for over 9 years, I finally decided I needed to get it taken care of. When I read online that there was an endoscopic carpal tunnel release procedure that was less invasive (small slit in the wrist, rather than a cut down the palm) than open releas...

    ~ Pam P ~

  • Dr. Weil performed and endoscopic carpal tunnel repair on my left hand. I had had a conventional open surgery 4 years ago on my right hand. This experience was amazingly better than my previous one. At just 2 weeks after surgery I am using my left hand and wrist for nearly everything with practicall...

    ~ Susan K ~

  • Dr Weil did a great job explaining what was wrong, how it could be fixed, consequences of opting out. The process of having the surgery done was very easy and straight forward. Recovery went well. I am glad I had it done.

    ~ Elaine C ~

  • Went into the medical practice for a hand issue. Dr. Weil was very thorough, professional and kind.

    ~ Verified Patient ~

  • I had a great experience, thanks!

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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