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  • Dr Weil helped me with my thumb injury. Very clear and thorough, kindly answered all of my questions. Ended up getting an MRI and then a surgery to replace a torn ligament. Very happy with my surgery and my overall experience. Receptionist were kind, facility was very clean and modern.

    ~ Verified Patient ~

  • My bilateral basal joint replacement surgeries went well and I am enjoying freedom from pain in my hands. Dr Weil communicates well and is a good listener. He did my previous carpal tunnel release surgeries so I knew who to see when I needed hand surgery again.

    ~ Carol F ~

  • Excellent service.

    ~ Jo-Anna P ~

  • Dr. Weil is ‘the best.’ He was very informative about the breaks in my left wrist and what would follow after surgery: physical therapy & exercise at home, and a guesstimate of how long it would take to heal. He is very professional, personable & light hearted. I am healing quickly. The clutz...

    ~ Betty T ~

  • Had great luck with hand, wrist and elbow surgery. The procedures were simple and with little pain. We arrived early for surgery and post op and both times we were taken in early with virtually no wait time. Staff is very efficient and attentive.

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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