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Dr. Wayne Weil specializes in complex hand, elbow, and sports medicine surgeries of the upper extremity. He has prepared a number of surgical videos below to help patients better understand their procedures. He is frequently updating his surgical video database, so please check back soon for further updates and new videos.

  • Restoring Thumb Extension with a Tendon TransferRestoring Thumb Extension with a Tendon Transfer
  • Clavicle Fracture ORIF with Accumed PlateClavicle Fracture ORIF with Accumed Plate
  • Finger Joint ReplacementThumb CMC Arthroplasty-Cartiva Implant
  • Finger Joint ReplacementSkier’s/Gamekeeper’s Thumb Ulnar Collateral Ligament Repair and Internal Brace
  • Finger Joint ReplacementFinger Joint Replacement
  • Humerus NonunionThumb IP Joint Collateral Ligament Repair with Arthrex Internal Brace
  • Humerus NonunionHumerus Nonunion
  • Gamekeeper’s Fracture RepairOlecranon Fracture Tension Band Fixation with Arthrex Fiber Tape
  • Gamekeeper’s Fracture RepairGamekeeper’s Fracture Repair
  • Endoscopic Ulnar Nerve DecompressionEndoscopic Ulnar Nerve Decompression
  • Volar Plate Reconstruction with Internal BraceThumb CMC Joint Arthroscopic Treatment of Arthritis
  • Volar Plate Reconstruction with Internal BraceVolar Plate Reconstruction with Internal Brace
  • Triceps Tendon RepairTriceps Tendon Repair
  • Thumb Basil Joint Arthroplasty- Speed Spiral TechniqueThumb Basil Joint Arthroplasty- Speed Spiral Technique
  • Elbow Scope & Arthroscopic OuterbridgeElbow Scope & Arthroscopic Outerbridge
  • LUCL Repair with Internal BraceLUCL Repair with Internal Brace
  • Elbow LCL Repair Elbow ArthroscopyElbow LCL Repair & Elbow Arthroscopy
  • Elbow LUCL ReconstructionElbow LUCL Reconstruction