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Second Opinion
Orthopedic Sports Medicine, Elbow, Wrist, and Hand - Image/Record Review

Why have a second opinion?

If you have to travel too far to visit Dr. Weil in the Seattle area but are interested in having the opinion of an experienced elbow, wrist and hand surgeon. Dr. Weil does some of the most complex cases in the PacificNorthwest and sees many second opinions yearly. He also specializes in revision surgeries and is frequently involved in these unique cases. Please review Dr. Weil’s website and videos to learn more about what advanced techniques he can offer. Dr. Weil is available for a second opinion after reviewing your images and records.

Is this common?

Yes, data demonstrates many patients obtain two even three opinions before undergoing surgery. Inactive young patients, second opinions are now the norm, and it is common for many of them to seek added advice. In most cases, this second opinion can help solidify the previous surgeon’s opinion or allow for better questions at the subsequent follow-up visit if needed. Most good surgeons welcome second opinions, as it is suitable for their patients to understand their injury and potential surgical options better.

How to get a second opinion?

If you would like a second opinion, please send all records, MRI, and x-ray results/images to Dr. Weil’s office so he can review these. Please fill out the request form below, and Dr. Weil’s office staff will contact you to collect more information and direct you to where the records should be sent.

What does it cost?

Dr. Weil’s fee for an Image and Record Review is $250, payable by credit card only. Unfortunately, insurance is not accepted for these reviews.

What does this second opinion provide?

This will offer patients further knowledge of their pathology and potential treatment options.In many cases, this will confirm your previous surgeon's plan and give further comfort to the patient regarding their surgical plan. Other times, Dr. Weil may suggest an alternative treatment that may involve additional non-surgical modalities or another type of surgical technique. Dr. Weil has trained in numerous advanced sports techniques ranging from knee, shoulder to advanced elbow surgery. There may be new cutting-edge options available that can be offered, that you or your previous surgeon were not aware of.

What will I receive?

After Dr. Weil receives all medical records and images, he will thoroughly review them and formulate a treatment response. He usually responds to these in 1 to 2 weeks after everything has been completed. Your response will come as a formal letter stating your problem and his opinion of what treatment is needed. This letter will also be sent to his electronic medical system should you choose to obtain further care with him in the future.

Can I still see Dr. Weil in person after my review is complete?

Yes, if you are pleased with the second opinion letter and would like to visit Dr. Weil for a formal consultation that can be arranged. This would be a traditional visit set up through the patient’s insurance, similar to a standard new patient office visit.

**You will receive a request for payment by Dr. Weil’s staff once this form has been submitted. No review or record transfer will be performed before payment is received.

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