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    Comments: After dealing with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome for over 9 years, I finally decided I needed to get it taken care of. When I read online that there was an endoscopic carpal tunnel release procedure that was less invasive (small slit in the wrist, rather than a cut down the palm) than open release surgery, with a quicker recovery time, I was on the search for a doctor in the Seattle area that could perform it! Only a few surgeons in this area do--and I quickly settled on Dr. Weil based on other reviews/ratings. I had my first surgery back in June, and the whole thing went off without a hitch! He meets with you right before the surgery to make sure you know what to expect, and calms any nerves. The whole procedure seems like it takes just a few minutes for him. The carpal tunnel symptoms were immediately relieved, and I could tell when my hand didn't fall asleep that first night. The pain is very minimal--I didn't even need any kind of narcotics, and only took ibuprofen once the next day. Had surgery on a Thursday--and was back to work the following Monday. After 2 months, my hand was completely back to normal with no residual pain from the surgery in the incision and palm area.
    I went back at the beginning of October to have my other wrist done, and I was just as pleased with that experience. It's been a month now, and I can pretty much use that hand normally--but the incision site is still a little tender. I expect it to be completely healed within the next month, just as my first hand was. I'm so happy with Dr. Weil's skill of performing endoscopic surgery, and saving me from unnecessary down time and recovery time with the old skill of open release surgery. This is definitely the way to go when considering surgery for your carpal tunnel pain.
    I also have to take a second to highly praise the whole surgical team--from the nurse that helps you throughout the surgery (I can't remember the name of mine, but it was a male--who I was lucky enough to have help me both times! He is a great person, and so calming and reassuring), the anesthesiologist (more props to Ben!)--who sets you up with some very nice medication to keep you relaxed and he even checked in on me before heading out for the day (I was the last patient of the day) to make sure I was feeling ok, and the discharge nurses--who take great care of you post-op, even wheeling you out to your car once you are all set to go home. Total time at the surgical center was 2.5-3 hours, from the time I walked in the door until discharge home. Easy procedure. This surgical center has top notch clinicians, and I couldn't be happier with Dr. Weil as my surgeon.

    I've included pictures of my surgical sites--the right hand 4.5 months post-op, and the left hand 1 month post-op. The scar on the right hand in the wrist is hardly noticeable.