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    Comments: Dr. Weil performed a carpal tunnel release (endoscopic) on my left hand earlier this month. The best surgery experience i have had in my 68 years, and I have had a number of orthopedic procedures. Last year I had an open release on my right hand with another doctor. Went well but with the open procedure you have a 1 inch incision, stitches can pull apart more easily, and recovery is a slower. With the closed procedure, I took 2 Aleve the morning after the surgery, and that was it. I was using the hand the next day and recovery has been much quicker than with the open procedure. The appointments were in Ballard, and the surgery in the Wallingford area. Access was good, easy parking, and everything was on time. I generally don't write reviews, but this whole experience was so overwhelmingly positive, I am making an exception. I highly recommend Dr. Weil.