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    Comments: I had numbness in my fingers so went to OSS Wallingford after being referred by my internist. Dr. Wayne Weil was very familiar with my symptoms but had me do nerve tests to confirm I needed carpal tunnel surgery. From the office staff to the operating room staff to the anesthesiologist to Dr. Weil himself, I can't praise them enough. Pre surgery they had advised me in writing what my financial portion would be and gave me explicit before and after surgery instructions. And even though I had caused myself to be overly anxious by mistakenly watching too many YouTube videos, on the day of surgery they were kind and put me at ease. It was quick and turned out exactly as they said it would. It was the easiest process and recovery I have ever experienced. I had knee surgery at OSS a few years ago and their skill and compassion was the same then as it is now. I highly recommend them.